Friday, 25 January 2013

Final Thought on the Course

Favourite assignment:
My favourite assignment this year was defiantly the bucket list project.  I really enjoyed this project because I thought that it was a lot of fun to put it together.  I really enjoy creating visual projects because I love taking pictures and editing them.  With this project I was able to use all of my original pictures and put them all together to make a nice video.  Not only that but it was actually really fun thinking of all of the things I want to accomplish before I die.  In the end I really enjoyed this project and I hope that it stays in the course because I think that lots of students really like it as well. 

Least favourite assignment:
My least favourite assignment would have to be the twitter fiction.  Although it was a cool way to try a new form of writing, I am not the most creative writer.  I don't really enjoy coming up with ideas to write about.  It is hard for me, so i found this project a little bit more challenging.  With that being said it did force me kind of out of my comfort zone of writing.  Not only did I need to comeup with an idea to write about but also post it for all of the world to see.  In the end although I didn't really enjoy this prject, it was a good chgallenge for me and taught me new things.

Friday Reading:
For me, I have never been much of a reader.  It wasn't like I hated reading but I never really had the motivation to sit down and read a book.  With the friday reading in this course, I have actually started to love reading.  Although I don;t have much time at home to read, I still really enjoy it.   Friday classes were perfect for this because it gave you a break at the end of the week and you could fall into a book.  I loved having an hour a week just dedicated to reading.  This semester just over Fridays, I got through about 4 books, which I am proud of myself for. 

Monday Written Reflection:
The written reflection that we had to do on mondays, was never my favourite thing to do.  Even though I didn't really enjoy it, I found that it did help me better understand the stories.  Not only that but it also helped me relate the stories to my life and by doing that the book gets more interesting.  In the end, I think even though these reflections can be a little bit of a pain, they are worth it in the end.

Blogging was a new thing for me this year.  I really enjoyed learning how to blog.  At first I didn't think that I really liked it but as i started blogging more often it grew on me.  I like the idea how all of my assignments are organized on one website.  This assures I won't lose assignments and I can also work on them wherever I go.  On top of that, I like the idea that people who have the same interests as you can come and look on your blog.  They can leave comments and talk about the thigns that we have posted. 

I really like the idea of using twitter for class work.  This was very useful when we did things like the presentations, where we would tweet our comments to the presenter.  I also really liked tweeting items on our bucket lists.  On top of that, twitter is also a way to compunicate with famous people.  I was able to have responses from one of the Dragons from Dragons Den as well as a well known cheerleader.  I find this really awesome that we can compunicate with people through twitter that we most likely will never have a chance to meet in real life.

The Technology
Technology was clearly a huge part in this course.  I really enjoyed this.  To be honest if we would have stuck to pens and paper the whole year I probably would have got very bored.  Using technoloy is a perfect way in my opnion to get the interest of our generation.  It makes everything more exciting and opens up a lot more oppertunities.  Because of technology we are able to share our work with the world and create a good portfolio of ourselves. 

What did I Learn?
I learned so  much throughout this course this semester.  One of the thigns that I learned about myself is that I really enjoy representing things with visuals.  I love adding pictures and videos to all of my assignments.  On top of that, I have learned that I really enjoy reading.  Without this course, I probably wouldn't have picked up a book more than a couple of times a year.  Now I am more interested in reading and hope to do it a lot more often. 

I really enjoyed this course.  I learned a lot and I really enjoyed everything that we did.  I loved creating a blog and how we incorperated twitter with some of the assignments that we did.  I would definately reccomend this course for people next year!

Advice for Future Students:
I don't really have that much advice for future students.  If anything it would just be to keep up with all of the assignments.  We did do a lot in this course, but we were also given suficient time in class to cpmplete it all.  On top of that, keep up with the personal additions on your blog.  It is easy to fall behind on them but if you do 1 every 2 or 3 days that will be perfect!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Reading Reflection #12

Pretty Little Liars (97) Never know what is going to happen next! this book is a pageturner  

Reading Reflection #11

Pretty Little Liars (30) I love the show, now it's time to read the books. A mystery about 4 teenage girls  

Reading and Writing Reflection #10

Reading and Writing Reflection #10

Twitter Fiction, from a writers perspective:
For me, writing twitter fiction wasn't my favourite assignment.  The reason I think this is because it is hard for me to come up with ideas for stories to write about.  With that being said it is also more difficult to be able to tell stories in a 140 character limit.  I think that if I was a stronger writer that this assignment could have been easier for me.  With that being said, writing this was a nice challenge for me.  It forced me to come up with an idea to write a story about and it was a new way of writing.  In the end I like the idea of having a new way of telling a story but writing isn't one of my best abilities therefor i found it to be a little bit challenging.

Twitter Fiction, from a readers perspective:
I really enjoyed reading twitter fiction stories.  I found a of of them very interesting.  My favourite story was by far the one that we read in class about the boy on the train and the mystery about his dad.  I found that using twitter fiction almost made the story more suspenseful.  In the end, I found that i really enjoy reading twitter fictions because of the suspense that they give you, and you never want to stop reading them because you always want to know what is going to happen next.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Bucket List

List of things I want to do before I die.

1-Go skydiving
2-Swim with dolphins
3-Meet an NHL player
4-Go to Australia
5-Go in a shark cage in the ocean
6-Go on a cruise
7-Go watch the cheerleading worlds
8-Be a part of the audience on a talkshow
9-Learn a roundoff backhandspring layout
10-Go in a hot air balloon
11-Learn how to snsowboard
12-Buy a puppy
13-Have a pet monkey
14-Go to Las Vegas
15-Visit the underground beach
16-Volunteer at an animal shelter
17-Meet a famous actor/actress
18-Go on a trip with an unknown destination
19-Play hide and seek in Ikea
20-Go on the worlds biggest roller coaster
21-Graduate from University
22-Visit every continent
23-Run a full marathon
24-Crowd surf
25-Go camping in the wild (nothing electric)
26-Adopt an animal from the animal shelter
27-Be an extra in a movie
28-ride a gondola in Venice
29-Walk across the Simpson desert in Australia.
30-Ride a unicycle.
31-Go water skiing
32-Learn to play golf.
33-Go horseback riding along the beach.
34-Go snowboarding.
35-Swim in all of the Great Lakes.
36-Learn to say "hello" in 50 languages.
37-Scuba dive in the Barrier Reef (Australia).
38-Learn to surf.
39-Go Fire Walking
40- Have a food fight.
41- Watch the ball drop on times square.
42- Go on a road trip with no destination.
43- Stay up all night to watch the sun rise.
44- Have a huge water balloon fight.
45-spend a whole day baking
46- Carve my name into a tree.
47-Take a photo every day.
48- Pay for something entirely with pennies.
49-Visit every state in the United States
50-Perform a kind deed strangers without expecting anything in return
51-Buy someones Groceries
52-Play poker in Vegas
53-Learn how to play the harmonica
54-Make the Team Canada Cheerleading team
55-Buy a house
56-Collect old coins
57-Get a six pack
58-Throw a dart on a map and travel there
59-Invent something that makes me rich
60-Win the lottery
62-Spend a winter in Hawaii
63-Learn how to Wake board
64-Capture lightning in a picture
65-Meet one of the investors from Dragons Den
66-Spend July 4th in the USA
67-Blow the worlds Biggest Bubble
68-Work at a job that I love
69-Learn how to speak double dutch
70-Dye my hair a cool colour
71-Buy a house
72-Get married
73-Read a series of books
74-Have a house in a tropical place
75-Jump off my house into my pool
76-Buy an iphone
77-Go to a party with celebrities
78-Hold a huge snake
79-Start eating healthier
80-Fly a plane
81-Ride in a helicopter
82-Compete in a triathalon
83-Design a logo for an big company
84-Go to the olympics
85-Walk on a tight rope
86-Ride a Camel
87-Ride in a train
88-Own an expensive car
89-Have my own cottage
90-Climb a mountain
91-Race against an olympic runner
92-Send a message in a bottle
93-Watch a movie being filmed
94-Be friends with a famous actor/singer

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Reading and Writing Reflection #10

In my opinion, the twitter fiction was one of the harder assignments that we have done so far this semester.  I do like the idea of it, but coming up with stories has never been very easy for me to do.  I guess I wouldn't say that the whole thing was difficult.  In my opinion it wasn't very hard to make tweets with only 140 characters.  I liked this aspect of the twitter fiction.  The other things that I found a little bit more difficult in this assignment was trying to come up with pictures for certain tweets.  I like the idea of it, and it would help the reader better understand and visualise what is going on in the story, but on top of that it is hard to find that perfect picture.  In the end, I did get pictures that worked very well, it just took a little bit of time to find them.  While writing my twitter fiction, I learned that as a writer, for me it was hard to come up with an idea to write about.  I probably thought of 20 before I decided on one that I liked.  Once I have the idea, the writing is very easy for me.  I thought publishing it to twitter was actually fun.  This made our work available to anyone who wanted to read it.  With this being said it is also a little bit scary to see how people react to what you have written.